Daisy – One Month Update

Dear Daisy,

It has already been one month since you entered our world sweet Daisy. And my, how our world has changed. Our house is full of nappies, spewed-on baby clothes, bunny rugs and… love. More love than I thought possible. More love than I could have imagined or hoped for. You’ve made out family a perfect five person circle and we couldn’t adore you more.

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Hannah and Blake witnessed your birth and I am so glad we made that choice. Although the birth was fast and slightly overwhelming I know they have adjusted faster to your arrival because we prepared so much for it and for the days that followed. There was never any seperation from your pregnancy to your birth and to your welcome home, all five of us were there every step of the way. You are being loved and cuddled by your big brother and sister every day, every spare minute. They are simply besotted with your tiny face, and hands and hair. Blake sings and miaows to you like a little kitten and loves to rub his face next to yours. He is so affectionate and so gentle and I just adore seeing him with you. It makes my heart burst with happiness. Hannah is not the cuddly type but she gives you at least a few kisses and hugs every day. It’s probably good that she isn’t, you would be getting smothered otherwise! She shows you her love through her words and her actions. She is amazingly helpful and caring and seems to understand you as a baby better than I would ever have expected from a recently turned 5 year old. Together, your brother and sister have outdone themselves in how they have welcomed you into our family and I couldn’t be any prouder of them.

You, my darling girl, have grown and changed in the last month, just as you should. You weighed 3.510g at birth and were just over 4kg at 2 weeks old. Now you’ve outgrown your 0000 jumpsuits so I know you’ve put on more weight but I haven’t weighed you since then. You’re currently going through a wonder week, your first developmental leap. I am expecting to see your first social smile any day now. I have captured a few sneaky ones with my camera over the last couple of weeks, but you haven’t started properly smiling just yet. This current growth spurt has left you a bit grizzly and needing much more holding but up until this week you were quite happy to be left to kick on your own after a feed and just look around (and receive lots of love from Blake!) which was so helpful. You’re generally only really unhappy when passing wind which seems to be very difficult and painful for you. Other than that you’re a mostly calm and settled baby and that has been a breath of fresh air for me, especially with 2 older children to look after!

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Thankfully, apart from the intial pain of engorgement and blocked ducts, breastfeeding has come easily once again. You feed much less than your brother did and that is a surprise to me. You also don’t enjoy falling asleep at the breast or actually drinking the let down, you almost always pull off. I realised I have an oversupply and a fast let down that you obviously dislike coping with so after some research and some wise suggestions I now try to fully recline while feeding you so gravity slows the let down and also block feeding you so that you get as much of that fatty hind milk as possible. These two tips have improved things slightly, you don’t poop at every feed like you used to and you don’t spew or pass wind as much as before but it hasn’t completely fixed the issue and some days are worse than others. We have also been taking you to a chiro since you were 12 days old to give your little body the best support possible. I know your digestive system is still so immature so I am guessing that things will remain this way for another couple of months until you grow a bit bigger.

Of-course apart from feedng and pooping, the other thing you do a lot of is sleep. And you’re pretty good at it! During the day there is still no predictable pattern which is fine and you just fall asleep when you’re ready. Sometimes it is after a feed but other times you just need a bit of walking and jiggling to get you to sleep. Amazingly, I can even put you in the swing or your moses basket and you will stay asleep for a couple of hours, generally in the afternoon. Blake and Hannah both rarely did that as babies. You do seem to have created a little pattern for night times though. For almost 3 weeks now you have been going to sleep for the night around 9pm (sometimes a tad earlier or later) and staying asleep for a minimum of 4 hours, even up to 6 and a half!!! Yes, that does deserve three exclaimation points! Sadly, I still can’t get my head around you sleeping that long – especially since you’re in your moses basket and not even next to me – and I keep waking every hour or so to check on you so I rarely get any deep sleep. I bet that once I do become accustomed to it, your little routine will change and I will get even less sleep than before!

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After 4 weeks of settling into our new life we returned to our ‘normal’ life of mothers group and play dates and outings and although it takes me much longer to get out of the house than before, we have done it. There has been tears and a few moments of desperately wanting to crawl back into bed, a few emotional outbursts and a few really challenging days but overall it has been amazing. I never feared whether my heart had enough love for three children, I always knew it would, but I didn’t expect it to feel this good! I have really been savouring this time with you Daisy, but it is still going far too fast for my liking. I know every month that follows will bring new delights and discoveries but this first month was so, so precious, so thank you my dear Daisy. I love you.

Love Always,

P.S. The little onsie you’re wearing in the photos was worn by both your older brother and sister, so it’s very sentimental to me. xx

Hannah’s 5th Birthday Tea Party

Hannah turned 5 on August 31st and to celebrate this special birthday milestone we planned a sweet little tea party with just a few of her closest girl-friends. I love planning parties for my little people but I knew that this year with a brand new baby things would need to be kept low-key. So instead of the focus being on the party we kept the focus on Hannah turning 5 and what a special even that was. I typed up a little countdown to her birthday and Hannah loved getting to cross off each 31 days of anticpation.

We had planned to purchase Hannah a new bicycle for her gift so when Daisy was born and Brian had time off, we took the kids to the pathways around our home several days in a row and Hannah learned to ride without training wheels in just 2 days! This was such an exciting moment for her and made the gift of a new bike even more special.

Because her birthday was on a Saturday we held a little morning tea party for her friends. They dressed up as princesses and fairies and enjoyed personalised star-wand decorating, strawberry milkshakes, yummy cupcakes to decorate and swirly rainbow cake to eat. It was a very nice morning. Simple and sweet.

The next day, family came around and we celebrated again with more cake and more presents. And lots of photos.

Happy 5th Birthday dearest girl. You are amazing xx

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Profile of a 5 year old!

Happy 5th Birthday Hannah Kate!!!

Favourite Colour? – Purple AND pink.

Favourite Letter? – H.

Favourite Number? – 5.

Favourite Book? – Maisy Books and Sleeping Beauty.

Favourite Song? – Gangnam Style by Psy.

Favourite TV show? – Peppa Pig.

What do you want to be when you grow up? – A fairy.

What is your favourite animal? – Cat.

What is your favourite food? – Curly Pasta.

Who is your best friend? – Priya.

Where is your favourite place to go? – To the beach.

What is your favouite thing to do? – Playing on the trampoline.

What is your favourite thing to do with Daddy? – Doing jumping tricks on the trampoline.

What is your favourite thing to do with Mama? – Playing a game with mummy.

What is your favourite thing to do with Blake? – Read books, playing together, and making Daisy happy.

What is your favourite thing to do with Daisy? Read her books and change her nappy.

What is your favourite toy? – Fairy doll.

What birthday present did you love the most? – New bike and sewing kit.

What makes you happy? – Being tickled.

What makes you sad? – When Grandma and Grandpa went on their holiday overseas.

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Funny Things You’ve Said Over the Past Year

B: Wat’s dat?
H: It’s a mermaid. She takes her clothes off and goes swimming. That’s what a mermaid does. (06/09/12)


Me to Blake: Are you a boy?
Blake: No!
Me: Are you a girl?
Blake: Yeah, I a girl!
Hannah: You’re not a girl Blake! You don’t have long hair! (16/11/12)


Hannah (while watching Playschool): “Wow, that was impressive!” (21/11/12)


Hannah –”But Mama, dancers don’t have to pick their tissues up.” 11/01/13


Hannah: How long does it take for the baby to grow and be ready to come out?

Me: Well, it takes 9 months altogether. The baby is nearly 4 months so we still have 5 months to go.

Hannah: Are you kidding mummy?!! (24/02/13)


Hannah while unwrapping a party gift – “I cannot wait to see what is inside, I think it is something so special. It’s a bunting, Blake, look a bunting for a celebration! We can have lots of special celebrations with our bunting!” (18/06/13)


H – “Can someone get me some tomato sauce?’ (looking straight at me, eyebrows raised)
Me – “You can get it”
H – “GOODNESS ME!” (hops of her chair, rolling her eyes) (09/07/13)


H: Mum my feet are salty.
Me: Salty?!!
H: (Getting distressed) They’re sprinkley, really SPRINKLEY MUM!
Me: Do you mean wrinkley? Why what’s happened?
H: I was sitting on my knees colouring and now my feet are salty and sprinkley and wrinkley mama.
Me: Oh you have pins and needles in your feet from sitting on your knees….” (12/07/13)


Me: When you’re sleeping at night do you have dreams?
H: Oh yes, I have lots of dreams all the time.
Me: What do you dream about?
H: I dream about fairies and princesses and that I am a princess and I have long hair for the prince to climb up and find me and kiss me and we get married. And I dream of a fairy coming and leaving me a coin when I lose my tooth. (01/08/13)

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