Dearest Blake – Happy 3rd Birthday!

Dearest Blake,

Baby boy, you are three! Happy Birthday!!!

You have been such a blessing and light in our lives Blake. In the depths of your newborn months it was hard for me to imagine that clingy, demanding little baby ever turning into an independant, secure little boy… but here we are! You are such a fun, friendly and accepting child and we couldn’t be prouder of you.

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In the last year we have seen so much more of your personality develop. You are our little comedian making us laugh with your funny faces and silly dances at every opportunity. You never mind being front and centre and love playing with other children in groups big and small. More and more we are seeing your affectionate nature come through.

Since the birth of your sister I have noticed you are extremely tactile and you love holding her hand, touching her soft hair and giving her kisses. I cannot get over just how much you adore her! I hope that bond continues to be strengthened through the years to come. You also have a lovely little habit of touching your eyelashes to help yourself back into sleep when you wake at night. And since we moved into our new home in June you have happily been sleeping in your own bed (in our room) all night.  I missed you so much at first, it was strange seeing you dreaming away without me next to you.

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This has been your year of increasing independance and growth. You rarely let anything phase you, you’re always open to new experiences and opportunities happily going with whatever we have planned. Even during the hospital trip when your finger was bitten by the dog next door, you barely even cried and your trademark smile was everpresent.

You inspire me with your fearlessness. You really live in the present moment, and that is a great place to be my friend. You are such a gorgeous, spontaneous, cheeky and loving little boy and we are all mesmorised by you. Just keep being you Blake, don’t ever change.

I love you,

Love, Mama xx