January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 16

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Daisy, if you’re reading this now, I hope you know how much your brother loves you. And if you don’t, well then all you need to do is look at this photo!

I’m so grateful to have such a cuddly little boy as one of my three children. I am not a very affectionate person so this sort of display of love is at once beautiful and yet almost foreign to me. But this boy is always teaching me something and his ever loving nature is something I dearly admire.

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 14

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We spend most Tuesday mornings here at this lovely place of freedom and nature in the middle of the city. Us mamas watch as our little faries and superhero’s, hide and seekers, sand construction builders, music makers and clay artists find joy in new experiences with their friends.

In our family we are big on experiences. We are big on getting out into the world, exploring, discovering and questioning. This speical spot could not be more perfect for that type of play and I am grateful that Hannah, Blake and Daisy have access to it.

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 13

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We’ve set up a new writing corner in the lounge room – because even though they have a whole playroom dedicated to ‘their stuff’ they still choose to bring it all out into the lounge where of-course I usually am! – and they immediately ran to get their journals and started scriblling. Hannah is really loving being a little teacher to Blake recently and she is so proud that he has decided to show an interest in writing letters. She is even prouder that the first letter he chose to write was a ‘H’.

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 12

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Sleeping babies and children have my heart. I just can’t stop myself. I would rather watch my child sleeping than do most anything else. There’s something so peaceful and love-affirming that overcomes me as soon as they fall asleep,

I love these days where he just crashes out on the couch randomly, some days with a half eaten apple in his hand or mid-conversation. Or other days like today, where he fell asleep alongside me and I had to will myself to pull away to take this photograph of his sweet slumbering little body.

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 11

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It’s been 5 months of little Daisy love today. Her little dimply smile lights up my day!

Looking at this photo and knowing that all 3 of these amazing people were made by Brian and I is just so special. Every month when I take this series of photos I am full of gratitude and anticipation as I picture what our future holds as a family and I just know that it will be good awesome!