January PAD Grateful Project 2014

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 30

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Sometimes it’s hard to remember what it feels like to be a child.  It shouldn’t be hard to see things from their perspective – since we’ve all been on that same journey of childhood – but often it’s something I remind myself to do. I remind myself to be grateful for their inquisitiveness, for their exploring, for their enthusiasm and for their wonder as I learn to see things anew, the way they do.

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 29

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This bunny is almost 7 years old. I bought him when I fell pregnant for the very first time, just weeks before our wedding day. Three days later, on our honeymoon, after a very traumatic time in hospital we learned that we had lost our baby. In the days to come I held this bunny close, I slept with him and I cried with him and I wondered if there would ever be a baby that would cuddle and love him like a child should.

I’m happy to say of-course that he has been loved and snuggled by all three of my children but somehow he has never become the toy; the one that makes it into the bed at night or dragged to the grocery store during the day. I think that’s because in a way he’ll always be the bunny I bought for May – for our baby that never was – and that’s a healing thought.

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 28

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The poem below seemed to fit perfectly with today’s photo when Hannah and Blake gave me my own Dandelion bouquet.


If I don’t have time to cuddle that warm, pajamas-clad body with glorious bedhead first thing in the morning,

If I don’t have time to press my lips upon the cheek of the man I love at nighttime,

Then I have to ask.

If I don’t have time to call my aging parent for a quick check-in,

If I don’t have time to offer a smile to the weary cashier at check-out,

Then I have to ask.

If don’t have time to listen, really listen, to what my child has to tell me from the backseat of the car,

If I don’t have time to tell her all the things I love about her from edge of her bed,

Then I have to ask …

What DO I have time for?

Clearing the inbox
Scrolling the newsfeed
Cleaning the kitchen counter ‘til it shines?

Buying things I don’t need
Saying yes because I can’t say no
Filling my days ‘til my calendar overflows?

I have to ask …

What DO I think makes life worth living?

I know. I know.

It’s the pajamas cuddles,
It’s the nighttime kisses,
It’s knowing I said, “I love you,” just in case my parent’s ripe old age catches up with him today.

It’s the dandelion bouquets,
It’s the uncontrollable laughter,
It’s the worries my child confesses at the most inconvenient times.

Please let me not be too busy,
Too rushed,
Too impatient,
Too distracted,
To experience these moments—these moments that make life worth living.

Don’t let me place life’s most pressing matters over the moments that matter most in life.

If there isn’t enough time to live, then I need to ask myself what I am living for?

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January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 26

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I can’t think of anything I would rather be doing with my life. Everything else seems superfluous, almost unnecessary compared to this. It is my greatest challenge and my greatest reward. It’s a privilege and a pleasure and I am beyond grateful that I have been blessed with the opportunity to care for, guide and love these three very special people.

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 24

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Oh Blake. You’re such a comedian.

Two seconds before this photo was taken he was counting to me rather seriously. But all of a sudden his eyes lit up and he started pulling at his eyes and making funny faces! He’ll do anything for a laugh and his cheeky smile says it all. When I found out that he shares his birthday with Hugh Jackman, that explained everything 😉

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 23

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This dress is one of the first I bought for our dress-ups collection back when Hannah wasn’t even walking. It cost me $1.50 and it looks to be (poorly!) homemade but perfect for dressing up.

My parents have a photo on their fridge of Hannah wearing this dress as a toddler. I hadn’t seen any of the kids who so often raid our dress-ups actually pull it out and put it on for years! But Hannah found it again recently and has fallen in love. I showed her the photo of her little baby self wearing it and she smiled but of-course she did not remember.

I remember.

I remember those little legs walking, wandering, exploring our garden in the soft afternoon sunlight as I ran around taking photos and making silly noises in an attempt to make you smile. I remember how your hair didn’t even touch your shoulders and how it felt to have only you at our table for dinner and only you to cuddle in bed at night. I remember how that dress almost touched your ankles and now doesn’t even reach your knees and although you’re growing faster than I had ever imagined, I am grateful for this simple dress and the memories it brings me.

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 22

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I love living in Brisbane. It is such a child-friendly city. On any given day there is always something free or low-cost to do with our kids and we really love exploring our city and feel so grateful to live close enough to do so.
Sometimes it’s hard work with 3 little ones in tow but I really feel like experiences rather than things make the best memories, and as a homeschooling mama I like to take advantage of the educational opportunities these places represent as well.