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January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 1

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I am grateful for the way Hannah and Blake hold hands so lovingly and willingly. This is the third time today that I have witnessed them holding hands and although it is not an unusual sight it still makes my heart beat faster with love every time I see it. We have worked hard over the last three years with these two siblings in an attempt to guide their love to flow towards each other with mutual respect and thoughtfulness leading the way. Over the last few months I have been seeing more and more evidence of their love in action and more than ever I am honoured to be the mother of these gorgeous children.

Hannah and Blake are in the pool surrounded by children of our dear friends who so generously surround our family with care and support and are part of our little village. We are so grateful to have them in our lives today as we welcomed in the new year with perfect weather and perfect company.

Two Years of Love and Hugs

When Blake was born I set myself a goal to capture at least one photo of Hannah and Blake together every month for the first 12 month of Blake’s life from October 12 2010 until October 12 2011. The culmination of that year of photos is documented in this blog post . This year, when I decided to do the Documenting Delight project, I again endevoured to capture as many photos of Hannah and Blake together hence the overflow of photos in January and February! Some of these photos have been featured in blog posts already and some are the ones that didn’t make it to the photo of the day.

It has been an incredible pleasure to witness Hannah & Blake’s affection for each other over the last 2 years. I can’t believe how much they’ve grown.

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