How To Homeschool in Australia

This post aims to answer the questions we get asked most, “Can I home school my child? Is it legal? Do I need a degree?” by briefly explaining the registration details by state, and the different home education options each Australian family has.

Home education is legal in every state in Australia, although each state has their own variation of registration and reporting requirements. The parents do not need to have attained a certain level of education in order to home educate. We often get asked if it is free to homeschool and technically it is, as there is no fee to home educate (unless parents choose Distance Education, then they do pay the provider) but there is also no current monetary supplementation or bonuses from the government paid to Australian parents in order to help them purchase resources or supplies. Electing to home educate is a valid legal alternative for every family in Australia and there are several different ways that this can happen.

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