A Snapshot of Hannah at 5.5 years old.

Hannah, at 5 and a half years old you are –

Intelligent, curious, kind, thoughtful, positive, responsible, friendly, empathetic, caring and wise beyond your years.

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Hannah, at 5 and a half years old you love –

Green apples, rainbows, movie nights, wearing dresses, carrot sticks, the colours pink and purple, going to Grandma & Grandpas house, unicorns, chicken and chips, riding your bike, playing with friends, gymnastics,  pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup, arts and crafts, baking, red capsicums, painting, collecting things for the nature table, butterflies, dress-ups, going out to new places, blueberries, reading the same books over and over, and being independent.

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Hannah, at 5 and a half years old your secret skills are –

Folding towels precisely; having an incredible memory and being able to recite books and songs verbatim; excellent physical skills like trampolining, balancing and climbing; and using your hair as a scarf on cooler days.

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Hannah, at 5 and a half years old the things I love most about you are –

Seeing your drawings stuck on walls around the house with bandaids; that you’re not afraid of heights; hearing you giggle; your sense of adventure; your negotiation skills; your long hair; and that you’re always looking to the future.

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My darling Hannah, don’t ever change. Always be proud to be YOU!

January Photo A Day Grateful Project – Day 23

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This dress is one of the first I bought for our dress-ups collection back when Hannah wasn’t even walking. It cost me $1.50 and it looks to be (poorly!) homemade but perfect for dressing up.

My parents have a photo on their fridge of Hannah wearing this dress as a toddler. I hadn’t seen any of the kids who so often raid our dress-ups actually pull it out and put it on for years! But Hannah found it again recently and has fallen in love. I showed her the photo of her little baby self wearing it and she smiled but of-course she did not remember.

I remember.

I remember those little legs walking, wandering, exploring our garden in the soft afternoon sunlight as I ran around taking photos and making silly noises in an attempt to make you smile. I remember how your hair didn’t even touch your shoulders and how it felt to have only you at our table for dinner and only you to cuddle in bed at night. I remember how that dress almost touched your ankles and now doesn’t even reach your knees and although you’re growing faster than I had ever imagined, I am grateful for this simple dress and the memories it brings me.