Adventure awaits…

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

Three years ago, this is what we were doing.

Oh it was such an adventure. So much fun. Such amazing memories.

Memories that wouldn’t have been created if I had listened to all those articles that say “Never travel with kids under 5.” “It’s all too hard.” “They won’t remember it anyway.”

But then again, when have I ever listened to anything except my own heart?

The last five years have certainly been adventerous! We have come against things we never expected and we have reached unimagined heights of joy. We have travelled along this journey always being sure that what we felt in our hearts was right was usually the correct choice. We thought our next adventure would be to add another child into our family. After over 12 months of trying, we decided last month that if we did not concieve, we would join my family on their trip to Europe in Summer next year. We let fate decide.

It seems as though our #3 is still waiting in the wings, wating for that perfect time to show us their presence. So we have to make a choice and we choose to follow fate and look into the future with bright eyes. For our future contains an overseas trip with our two beautiful children.

The adventure continues.

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We will take our 2 children under 5 on a plane (or in fact, many!);

we will take long road trips in unknown countries;

we will visit places most people have never heard of;

we will make sure our children spend quality time with relatives;

we will show our children their Croatian heritage;

we will sleep in unfamiliar beds;

we will make friends with strangers;

we will make memories;

we will laugh;

we will swim;

we will take a million photographs;

and, we will be grateful for our gifts.